100 Years in Business

As you know, most business owners throw in the towel and close down their business within the first 5 years. 

Why do they do this?

It's simple, they are not making enough money for the business to operate according to their standards. 

I'm sure you can agree with that. 

Well what if... every business owner changed their standards and more importantly, changed their perspective?

What if... business owners measured their company's progress on a 100 year timeline?

Do you think they would reconsider closing up shop?


Let's look at it another way.

Make believe you have a family business that was passed down to you and this December that same company is celebrating it's 100 year anniversary. 

Due to the huge accomplishment, you decide to throw a party.

You even decide to give a speech to highlight the companies progression over the last century. 

While preparing for your speech, you discover that your parents struggled during their first 5 years in business.

In fact, they made zero dollars during that time. And to make matters worse, they were extremely close to shutting down the business during their fifth year. 

Fortunately, business took a turn in the right direction and on their sixth year they finally made a small profit. 

As you continued doing more research about the origins of the family business, you realize that there was approximately 90 years of success.

Whereas, ten years weren't so good.

Actually, it was down right terrible.

With that story in mind, I want ask you a question...

Would you be happy/satisfied if your current business had 90 years of success?

I know I would!

If so, don't beat yourself up if your current business isn't meeting your standards. 

After all, you may just be one deal away from success. 

Just keep your head down and work. 

Remember you have a legacy to build. 

Be great guys!